COVID-19 Preparation Services

In response to the Covid pandemic many Behavioral Health and Primary Care Providers have had to put in place a Work From Home Program in order to sustain their operations.

As a result, Avenia has brought together a team of Financial, Technical, and Administrative Consultants to address cash availability, workflow, and time management issues for small to medium-sized clinical operations. We will collaborate with you to transition your organization from a physical plant to a virtual office whereby your clinical and administrative staff can interact seamlessly with your patients.

Each one of you will face unique challenges as you focus on how to service your clients in a manner that is safe and efficient. Our goal is to help you automate your business operations and service delivery so that you can adapt successfully to the new set of demands we are faced with today.

Our network of experts will address:

  • Software
  • Website Development
  • Business Automation
  • Virtual Office Setup
  • Paperless Work Environment
  • Customized Collaboration with Teleconferencing Tools
  • Employee Workflow Optimization
  • Technical
  • Business Class Systems Support
  • Streamlined Hardware Purchases
  • Simple and Effective Telemed Services
  • Video Conferencing
  • HIPPA Compliant Workstation Setup
  • Financial
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Implementation
  • Technical Assistance with Grant Writing
  • Grant Management

Please email us at to schedule a behavioral health needs assessment meeting with our team.

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