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We are putting all the pieces together... Psychiatric services, staffing,  support, supervision, onsite, on call, online


Avenia Behavorial Management provides clinical supervision, psychiatric assessments, laboratory requisitions, prescription management, credentialing & privileging, prior authorizations for medication, ordering of mental health services, videoconferencing set-up & training and more. Avenia Behavioral Management is partnering with community-based mental health agencies to provide more accessible, quality-enhanced psychiatric care consisting of diagnostic assessments, laboratory services and psychotropic medication management for your organization and clients like the following:

Clinical Services

  • Clinical Supervision
  • Psychiatric Assessments
  • Laboratory Requisitions
  • Prescription Management


Administrative Services

  • Credentialing & Privileging
  • Prior Authorizations for Medication
  • Ordering of Mental Health Services
  • Videoconferencing Set-Up & Training


HR Departments

The HR Professionals at Avenia would like to welcome you to our suite of onsite, online, and oncall psychiatric services. Our clinical team consists of both physician supervisors and physician extenders. We are also able to provide your organization with psychiatric supervision for your mid-levels or extenders.

As part of our inhouse HR services we provide credentialing materials, set up drug testing, perform background checks, and maintain employee files on all of our clinicians and supervisors.

Avenia additionally has developed a very vigorous and ongoing psychiatric education and training program consisting of weekly quizzes, case studies reviews, webinar presentations, and infomails. These deliverables are complimentary and provided free of charge to your staff and consumers.

If any of our services would be of interest to you please contact our office at 404-947-5800 or email us at