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Avenia is currently building a team of Neuro + Psych clinicians to provide onsite, online, and oncall services for your organization. We supply clinicians such as Practitioners, Prescribers, Preceptors, Supervisors, Collaborators and Directors.

As part of our Supervision and Collaboration services, we proudly provide our Nurse Practitioners and Physician's Assistants with our own in-house Neuro + Psych educational programming. We also provide performance testing on our NPs and PAs.

This Neuro/Psych educational program is also available for the participation and benefit of your agency’s clinical and administrative staff. This program is completely monitored, conducted, and delivered by Avenia’s team of Board-Certified clinicians, supervisors and managers.

If Neuro/Psych clinical or educational services are needed by you or your organization, please contact our office at 404-947-5800 or email us at info@aveniabehavioral.com.

To schedule a Neuro or Psych need assessment, please book an appointment with us: