Avenia Behavioral Management
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Avenia Behavioral Management is the premier provider of tele-psychiatry services for the Medicare and Medicaid community in Georgia. We operate with the dual purpose of helping your mental health agency develop and deliver (1) high quality psychiatric services to assist your clients and (2) cost-effective mental health education and training programs to support your providers. Our psychiatric solutions are conveniently provided onsite, on-call and online. We actively combine our role as clinicians and supervisors to optimize your mental health outcomes.



                                           - On-call/On-line access to Psychiatric Specialists

                                           - Weekly appointments via Telemedicine

                                           - Psychiatric Disability Evaluations

                                           - Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessments

                                           - Detailed Behavioral Health Assessments

                                           - Medication Management Plans

                                           - Education, Training, and Wellness Tools



After using our psychiatric services, your agency will be able to (1) reduce the total number agitated or aggressive episodes in your programs (2) decrease your direct care staff burden, distress and turnover rates (3) minimize inappropriate psychotropic drug use, physical restraint application and medication side effects and (4) eliminate unnecessary emergency room visits or psychiatric hospitalizations.

To schedule a Psychiatric Needs Assessment & Survey for your Agency please call us today at

404-947-5800 or visit the Contact Us page.